Alice Leadlay

Alice Leadlay, Rothesay, N.B., who was suffering from dementia, had been gagged and rolled up in a carpet by her husband.  Left on the living room floor overnight, Alice was unable to breathe and was found dead on the morning of September 26, 2004.  Originally charged with manslaughter, her husband was subsequently sentenced to two years less a day for criminal negligence in the death and allowed to serve his sentence in the community.  Alice was a registered nurse and had practiced in Halifax for several years before retiring to her home town in Ontario.  In 1996, at the insistence of her husband, Alice reluctantly moved to New Brunswick. Alice did not make friends easily and, as her health deteriorated, she became increasingly isolated and dependent upon her husband who complained constantly about how difficult it was becoming to care for her.  Yet, he refused all offers and recommendations for support. The family was concerned for Alice’s safety as she was seen in public with cuts and bruises on her head and hands in the months prior to her death.  After spending time in the hospital, Alice was discharged to her husband’s care. Alice thought she would be safe, having stated, “As long as he still loves me I will be OK”. Unfortunately, she was not.