Man to Man

A Tool-kit for Delivering Workshops to Men and Boys about Reducing Sexual Assault

The Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre believes that part of the solution to eradicating sexual violence is through education and awareness: sexual violence is not a women’s issue, it is a societal one.
Many people have come to the conclusion that there is an identified need for sexual assault prevention programs that focus on men (see Berkowitz, 2002). Man to Man was developed in response to this need.

The Tool Kit seeks to:
1. Emphasize men’s responsibility for preventing sexual assault
2. Provide information about the definitions and severity of the problem
3. Promote an understanding of consent and emphasize that sexual activity is a choice.
4. Distinguish between claims of “miscommunication” vs. the tactics of abuse and coercion.
5. Promote an understanding of the range of coercive behaviours that men are socialized to employ
6. Explore relevant aspects of male gender socialization and the role of sexism in facilitating sexual assault
7. Challenge sexual assault myths and reduce victim blaming
8. Acknowledge male victimization
9. Reduce enabling behaviour and increase bystander interventions among men
10. Explore opportunities for men to take social action to raise other men’s awareness about the problem of sexual assault
Adapted from Fostering Men’s Responsibility for Preventing Sexual Assault. (Berkowitz, 2002)

This toolkit was developed with funding by Public Safety Canada’s National Crime Prevention Centre, by the Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre, in collaboration with a men’s development committee and the Gender Justice Collaborative.

This toolkit is based upon the materials developed by the Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre for
The Empowerment Project: A Train-the-Trainer Tool-Kit for Delivering Self-Protection and Assertiveness
Workshops to Women and Girls. The Empowerment Project has been successfully implemented in numerous communities to help women and girls become empowered to resist sexual assault and all forms of sexist oppression.