Tanya Shand

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On September 20th, 2014 the NB Silent Witness Project will be unveiling their 25th Silhouette in honour of Tanya Marie Shand, a resident of Rothesay who was a victim of domestic homicide in May 2013.

Each of the silhouettes represents a woman who was murdered by a husband, common-law partner, boyfriend or intimate acquaintance. Because these women no longer have a voice, they are called the Silent Witnesses. Each silhouette represents a woman who once lived and worked among us.

The Shand Family has released this statement:

“This past year has been a difficult year for our Family, and the next few years will be the same. There is an empty seat at our table that is a steady reminder of what we lost. This brings out a desire to have Tanya’s voice heard, to make sure other families stay whole. Tanya is remembered by the community as someone who was caring and loving, she would want to reach out and do what she could to prevent this tragedy from happening again.”

The Silent Witness event is being held on September 20th at the Qplex in Quispamsis from 11am until 1pm. There will be information booths set up in the lobby for anyone who wishes to know more about preventing domestic violence and the resources available in our communities. Education is a very important aspect of this event. If you are in need of help these organizations are here to help:

Kennebecasis Regional Police Force   847-6300

Hestia House                                            634-7570

KV Outreach                                             847-6277

After the ceremony a country corn boil will be held in Tanya’s memory. All are welcome.